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Advent Calendar using Cool Yule Tree Panel!

By Judith 4 years ago 524 Views No comments

Advent Calendar Tutorial (finished size - approx. 19.5 x 27 by Just Jude Designs

Judith from Just Jude Designs brings us another blog post.

This time she shows us how to sew together the clever Cool Yule Advent Tree from Makower!

12 Jan 2017 19:40:51

This cute panel is really is easy to make!

You will need:
Makower Cool Yule Advent Panel available from Fabric Yard)
0.75m cotton for backing fabric & hanging sleeve
Piece of compressed wadding 21” x 30”
1 long quarter metre cotton for the binding
19” piece of wooden dowling

1. Cut off the section at the bottom which has all the pockets printed on it. Cut out the pockets along the cutting lines shown. Take care with 2 expanding pocket sections do not cut along the dotted lines in between pockets 21-19, 7-10.

2. Iron under the seam allowances on each pocket, right up to the solid gold line. Always iron opposite sides first e.g. the 2 sides, before ironing down the other 2 edges. I like to keep the gold line showing from the front.

3. Spray baste the rest of the panel onto some wadding and backing fabric that are slightly bigger than the front panel. I don't cut off the instructions section yet, until after I have sewn the pockets down and the fabric has room to shrink in with the quilting.

4. Pin the pockets onto the corresponding numbers on the calendar.

5. Choose an appropriate thread colour for both the front and back of the calendar. Both threads will be seen.

6. Starting with the centre most pockets, top stitch both sides and the bottom edges of each pocket, as close to the pocket edges as you can. Use a reverse stitch to start and finish.

7. For the 2 expanding pocket sections, align & pin the dotted lines with the corresponding lines on the calendar. Top stitch these lines first (again using a reverse stitch to start and finish) before pinning the outer edges in place. Bring the in between pocket sides together and fold the excess fabric evenly underneath. Pin in place and top stitch around the sides and bottom edges as before, sewing carefully over the folds.

8. Now cut away your excess fabric/wadding/backing, up to the inner red border.

9. Make hanging sleeve corners by cutting 2 pieces of fabric 4 Iron these in half diagonally, wrong sides facing. Pin machine tack these onto the top corners of the back of the calendar.

10. To make the binding, cut 3 x 2.5 strips width of fabric (44). Make attach the binding as you would for a quilt

And thats your calendar finished! Simply pop a wooden dowling rod into the sleeve, hang and fill with lots of goodies!

12 Jan 2017 20:03:33

Find the Makower Cool Yule Tree Panel in both blue and cream on the Fabric Yard website!