Autumn Fabric: The Ultimate Guide

Autumn Fabric: The Ultimate Guide

With the stresses of September finally over, it's time to concentrate on what really matters: kicking your feet up, logging into Fabric Yard, and choosing all the fabric you'll need this October!


How did September treat you? If you feel chewed up and spat out you should pick up a crystal ball, because sister, you're reading my mind.

This month I,

  1. Waved my Summer wardrobe Goodbye (I chased after the train to tell her I made a huge mistake, but two weeks in made my peace)
  2. Sewed 4 new Autumn pieces
  3. Exhumed many a quilt and blanket (bartering necessary after the profanities I told them in June)
  4. Got the flue 3 times
  5. Started adding turmeric to my coffee (like this, but shot of espresso necessary)

**If you haven't made one of these lists yet, it's the best mood booster after pretty fabric.

Photo: Sewing Pun bundle picked out by customer


If anyone, it's you and me who deserve new fabric!

With re-stocks & brand new prints from Alexander Henry, Robert Kaufman & Michael Miller there's way too much to choose from... we took the pleasure of organising our absolute favourites into 3 categories:

  1. Fashion
  2. Quilting
  3. DIY

Have a nosey below for our recommendations and let us know what you choose!



Tried & tested: a cotton shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing. Ever!

Wear it with:

  • a pencil skirt - you're the most sophisticated woman in the office
  • a turtleneck - you're a superhero who's never cold
  • jeans - you're the effortless next door neighbour who shows up with gossip & a pack of cookies in a heartbeat

This season we're sporting 70s florals for vibrant colour & simplicity in equal measures... somehow. It's pure magic.

The below shirt is sold out from Topshop but we know you can make a much better version using one of these patterns.

The burning question: which of the below prints will you make it in?

Fabric from left to right: London Calling 5, Calico Brown, Fan Fare Sapphire


Anyone who has the talent and patience to make quilts as beautiful as the one below by Jessica Gamez, needs to give us a call pronto!

Meanwhile we'll stick to quick & easy solutions to keep us warm this Autumn. Below Jessica's quilt, we have including three prints which are;

  1. completely and absolutely out of this world!
  2. made up of pre-drawn squares so all you have to do is cut!

Left to right: Golden Garden Grey, Wildland Patch, Friendly Faces


What better time to be a #hustler, than Autumn?

Between back-to-school, Hallowe'en preparations, and the Christmas frenzy, there's just no losing!

Here at FY, we've all favourited JemLeeatMagic 's shop on Etsy. A reusable cup cosy, pass holder & pencil case - we've struck gold!

The perfect gift for the busy friend who always loses their stuff, a new city dweller, or a Seasonal-Affective sufferer who could use a little TLC.

We suggest warm colours and wholesome summertime time-capsules, such as butterflies and bees.


Left to right: Woodland Pals, Bees Sunflower, Seance Tea


We may be teasing just a little with that last print, but fear not as we have a Hallowe'en master post in the works ;)

Here's to a relaxing October filled with sewing & gorgeous fabric- don't forget to show us what you're working on this month!

Until next time,