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Autumn Fabric: The Ultimate Guide

By 5 months ago 433 Views No comments

With the stresses of September finally over, it's time to concentrate on what really matters: kicking your feet up, logging into Fabric Yard, and choosing all the fabric you'll need this October!

How did September treat you? If you feel chewed up and spat out you should pick up a crystal ball, because sister, you're reading my mind.

This month I,

  1. Waved my Summer wardrobe Goodbye (I chased after the train to tell her I made a huge mistake, but two weeks in made my peace)
  2. Sewed 4 new Autumn pieces
  3. Exhumed many a quilt and blanket (bartering necessary after the profanities I told them in June)
  4. Got the flue 3 times
  5. Started adding turmeric to my coffee (like this, but shot of espresso necessary)

**If you haven't made one of these lists yet, it's the best mood booster after pretty fabric.