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Autumn Fabric: The Ultimate Guide

By 4 months ago 398 Views No comments

With the stresses of September finally over, it's time to concentrate on what really matters: kicking your feet up, logging into Fabric Yard, and choosing all the fabric you'll need this October!

How did September treat you? If you feel chewed up and spat out you should pick up a crystal ball, because sister, you're reading my mind.

This month I,

  1. Waved my Summer wardrobe Goodbye (I chased after the train to tell her I made a huge mistake, but two weeks in made my peace)
  2. Sewed 4 new Autumn pieces
  3. Exhumed many a quilt and blanket (bartering necessary after the profanities I told them in June)
  4. Got the flue 3 times
  5. Started adding turmeric to my coffee (like this, but shot of espresso necessary)

**If you haven't made one of these lists yet, it's the best mood booster after pretty fabric.

On Parade Babydoll Dress

By 6 months ago 856 Views No comments

Oh Sundays...

Before I hem the neckline, the sun is already setting.

Every Sunday I treat myself to a sewing day. Today I decided to finally finish off this piece- a babydoll dress made of one of my all time favourites from Michael Miller's borders. I'd got a metre of this a while back, but decided to order some plain white cotton off eBay for the top part. Classic eBay, the fabric took it's sweet time before finally arriving on my doorstep this Friday!

Denim Jacket Makeover Time!

By Ailis 6 months ago 2693 Views 1 comment

This week we have the imponderable pleasure of passing over the blog reins to a wonderful friend and customer.

In this blog post, the talented Ailis of Bibbidy Bobbidy Studio Portrush teaches us how to love our denim jacket again!

Hi my name is Ailis. I'm currently in the process of fullfilling my dream, opening my very own little creative space, Bibbidy Bobbidy Studio's in Portrush, Northern Ireland. My aim to inspire others to be passionate and positive about life. My passion in the creative world is fabric and textiles ... and I find endless inspiration here at FabricYard!

Christmas Apron

By Judith 3 years ago 1324 Views No comments

For the organised of among us, Judith from 'Just Jude Designs' has drawn up this fabulous festive Christmas Apron tutorial using Michael Miller's Holly Jolly Gnomes fabric. Get that first present ticked off your list in record time by following these step-by-step instructions and you will love the finished product!

Nesting Boxes Tutorial

By Judith 3 years ago 1419 Views No comments

Judith from Just Jude Designs has shared with us these beautiful Nesting Boxes which are perfect for storing and displaying jewellery, nail polish, hair bobbles, and nicknacks!

Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt

By Judith 4 years ago 942 Views No comments

Come have a go at making a perfect little Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt using this step-by-step tutorial from Judith at Just Jude Designs!

pixelated heart quilt sewing tutorial

Log Cabin Cushion Tutorial

By Judith 4 years ago 1838 Views No comments

Why not have a go at this stunning Quarter Log Cabin Cushion.

Judith has written this great tutorial that allows you to use up all your scraps!

Great British Sewing Bee

By Alice 5 years ago 550 Views No comments

Well they're back! Patrick and May have returned to run their critical eye over the work of amateur sewists. And just like Lauren did in the first series, Tamara is giving me serious style envy. I'm as interested to see what she is wearing as what she is making! Just look at this dress shes wearing in tonights episode. I mean seriously. I don't know if she made it, but judging by the rest of her outfits that she has made, I wouldn't be suprised if she did.