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Get to Know Us: Oliwia

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Time to take a break and stick on some tea? We totally agree.

Welcome to the last installment of "Get to Know Us". Today we're bringing you Olivia who plays the extremely important role of putting GIFs in our Instagram stories.

1. What do you do at Fabric Yard?

I would describe my work as a sort of acrobatic performance across our social media. During the week I do features, post a couple pictures here and there, maybe even a poll if I’m feeling wacky. At the weekends I make water bottle tutorials. Not to forget, when Alice gives me too much coffee I go on fabric bundle making sprees!

2. What are the first 3 traits people notice about you?

This one is hard! Hmm.. I’m definitely guilty of using clothes as a conversation starter. Works wonders, without fail. Comments like “I expected you to be a little bundle of joy and cupcakes but I can’t keep up with your sarcasm” are plentiful. Oh! I own a lovely Akita who is very hard to miss.

3. What is your favourite fabric?

Roller Disco by Alexander Henry is one which makes my day go from 0 to 100. Tulip Tangled by Michael Miller is a great distractor when your coffee date gets boring, and Magical Parade doesn’t get nearly enough recognition!

4. What’s the best thing you’ve ever sewn?

This is the first ever dress I made using fabric from Fabric Yard! To quote Laura from last week, “don’t look too closely”... It’s a little 60s shift dress, made from a pattern for a t-shirt. I always wore it with block colour tights which have apparently come back in this season so y’know, trend forecaster over here.

5. What’s your favourite thing about fabric yard?

I think I’d be quicker listing what isn’t ;) Fabric Yard is a dream come true! Not only do I get to live in a world of otherworldly prints and patterns, I also work with the kindest and funkiest ladies in all of the North Coast. I’ve never had a dull day!

So that brings our coffee dates to a close. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Not to worry though, we have plenty of fun blog posts coming your way soon.

Here's to a good week and we'll catch up with you again shortly!

​Get to Know Us: Laura

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Welcome back fabric lovers! We hope you made it safely through the snowpocalypse, and maybe even finished a project or 2 if you were lucky enough to skip work.

Personally I ran out of tinned soup and will avenge the snow when I figure out how.

Back here we’ve been up to our ears with trying to decide which spring fabric is our favourite, and will definitely need your help this Sunday in Instagram Stories. Stay vigilant!

For Part 2 of our internet coffee date, we’re introducing Laura a.k.a. best hair in the business. Stick the kettle on, grab a biscuit and relax with this quick interview!

1. What do you do at Fabric Yard?

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I cut, pack, and ship orders at Fabric Yard. I also sometimes do a bit of Instagrammin and take pictures of new arrivals. I occasionally respond to emails if it's an easy request. When Alice is on holidays I also feed the rabbit and the fish.

2. What are the first 3 traits people notice about you?

I swear quite a bit... I am working on it but not very successfully. I have a laugh often described as a witches cackle. People also like to comment positively on my hair occasionally which is nice (as a side note: Alice only hires gingers).

3. What is your favourite fabric?

This is easy! I've got two. TODO PARA TI in turquoise by Alexander Henry and COOL GIRLS ROSE NEON by Rico. I'm always a bit sad when I cut them because I want to keep them all for myself.

4. What’s the best thing you’ve ever sewn?

I am a horrific sewer with too much confidence for my skill level. I aim every year to get better but really should go to some classes. However, I did an apron for my Mother in Law which I was quite proud of at the time. I also made a pair of curtains which are my pride and joy (just dont look too closely at the lining ).

5. What’s your favourite thing about fabric yard?

Alice and her kids . They make me proper witches cackle laugh frequently. Also I occasionally get free fabric yaaaassssss!

Woohoo! Two down, one to go before you meet our whole crew. We hope you enjoyed that, and make sure you tell us which biscuits you had.

Until next time!

Get to Know Us: Alice

By Oliwia 16 days ago 648 Views No comments

Everyday we show you tropical birds with Michael Millar, take you on a woodland journey with Riley Blake, and advise you to embrace your inner Alexander Henry girl. Well recently, we've been thinking maybe it's time to switch our cameras to selfie mode and let you in on our lives a little.

Was it just me or did January seem to go on forrrrrrreverrrrrrrrr?

By Alice 1 month ago 558 Views No comments

February has arrived (finally) and in a few short weeks, so too will Valentines Day. We thought it would be fun to pull out a few of our 'loved up' fabrics to inspire your projects for this month!

Catch up with our new Alexander Henry prints for 2018!

By Alice 2 months ago 65 Views No comments

Hi there, fabric lovers!

We are excited to announce we have a marvellous batch of new Alexander Henry prints just arrived into Fabric Yard to set you up for the Spring/ Summer season.

Hunky lumberjacks, calaveras pin-ups, luscious lips, and zombie teenagers to name but a few......

Pretty in Pink

By Oliwia 2 months ago 70 Views No comments

Instead of trying to see this slushy January through rose tinted glasses, we recommend bracing yourself with rose tinted fabric.

Ballerinas, Bathing Babes and Trendsetter Houndstooth. What will you make out of them?

Welcome to Rico!

By Laura 10 months ago 853 Views No comments

If you have ordered buttons from us recently you may have been enamoured with our packing tape (we certainly have been). Featuring cute unicorns, sunny palm trees, colourful ice cream and bright rainbows, the tape was created by Rico Designs and luckily they also produce beautiful fabrics!

Oh such Lovely Llamas ❤️

By Alice 1 years ago 1123 Views No comments

It was love at first sight when we spotted these Michael Miller Llamas! The colours, the patterns, the subjects! We're partial to everything Latin American here at Fabric Yard and these Peruvian beauties ticked all our boxes.

Cherries, Cowgirls & the Eiffel Tower!

By Alice 1 years ago 595 Views No comments

Well we had a delivery of some Michael Miller this week. Alot of 'new to us' ranges that you will have seen about for a while but we are only just getting them in!

New Photo Booth!

By Alice 1 years ago 869 Views No comments

It's safe to say the boy done good this week. I posted a photo over on our facebook page this week of the collapsible photo booth my husband got made and there were some requests for more photos so I thought I would do a quick blog post showing you all how it was made!