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Fabric Weight: Deciphered!

By Oliwia 28 days ago 37 Views No comments

120 GSM, slub, twill, all this fabric lingo is on par with Enigma code...

When browsing our site, you probably have a project already in mind. But what in tarnation is the most suitable fabric?!

First things first, the acronym GSM is short for "(G)ram(S) per square (M)eter". It is the most commonly used measurement for fabric weight, however "Ounce per Square Yard" is a close second, for those of you who prefer the imperial system.

Now, the vast majority of the fabric we stock is a 100% quilting weight cotton 150-160gsm but we also stock cotton linen mix fabrics. Cotton is of course made from the fluffy cotton plant. Linen, on the other hand, is made from flax stems. If you can't get your head around this like me, check out Victoria & Albert Museum's take on it below!

Furnish Your Own Summer!

By Oliwia 2 months ago 131 Views No comments
As the end of May is nearing, we hope your spring snow PTSD has worn off and you are relaxing into the nurturing warmth of the summer sun.

For me, summer means bringing an immense Mediterranean platter into the garden. It takes me back to my mother losing track of time with the confusion of daylight savings, as she read Le Petit Prince at my bedside. It is the spontaneous cheeseboard party with the next door neighbours at 10pm, the cosmopolitan scoop of Tesco's budget vanilla ice cream in my coffee, and looking through old photo albums well into the wee hours of the morning. All these things, at the end of my fingertips. Just one issue.

My home isn't ready to facilitate such fantasies!

I have found myself in complete chaos spending my days off running around B&M Bargains and IKEA trying to find the finishing touches. "Bohemian Salad Bowl" here, "CHOSIGT Ice Lolly Maker" there, my home was slowly becoming the embodiment of Frankenstein's monster and I was only straying from my summer aspirations.

Finally, the solution came in a dream.

A St Patrick-esque vision told me the answer was right before my eyes: SOFT FURNISHINGS!

The Sitting Room

The design trend seems to be screaming: we're bringing back the 70s! Here's a couple options to spruce up the comfy chair. Click on any of the fabrics to shop directly!

Wrap Blouse Tutorial

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Scrunchie Tutorial

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Bunting Tutorial

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Lampshade Tutorial

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Roisin Muldoon Interview

By Oliwia and Alice 4 months ago 544 Views No comments

If you follow the #memade tag over on Instagram or learnt your dressmaking craft following online blogs, you most likely will have come across the subject of our next interview. Roisin Muldoon (aka Dolly Clackett which is the name of her blog) has very kindly agreed to answer some of our burning questions!

Frida Panel Skirt

By Oliwia 4 months ago 334 Views No comments

Although spring seems like a distant dream right now, there’s nothing putting on rose tinted glasses and the right Frida fabric won’t fix.

Here’s a quick walk through of how we made this pleated Frida skirt.

**this is not for the faint-hearted!

Step 1: Lay out the fabric and admire the handiwork. You will need the circumference of your waist, and 1cm seam allowance each side of every panel. Make sure you spare some fabric for the belt. For the tulle, every panel will have to be twice the size so you can fold it into pleats.

Get to Know Us: Oliwia

By Oliwia 4 months ago 278 Views No comments

Time to take a break and stick on some tea? We totally agree.

Welcome to the last installment of "Get to Know Us". Today we're bringing you Olivia who plays the extremely important role of putting GIFs in our Instagram stories.

​Get to Know Us: Laura

By System Administrator 4 months ago 336 Views No comments

Welcome back fabric lovers! We hope you made it safely through the snowpocalypse, and maybe even finished a project or 2 if you were lucky enough to skip work.

Personally I ran out of tinned soup and will avenge the snow when I figure out how.

Back here we’ve been up to our ears with trying to decide which spring fabric is our favourite, and will definitely need your help this Sunday in Instagram Stories. Stay vigilant!

For Part 2 of our internet coffee date, we’re introducing Laura a.k.a. best hair in the business. Stick the kettle on, grab a biscuit and relax with this quick interview!